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Jumong Episode 7

The new governor of Hyeon-to city, Jeong Yang visited King Geumwa in the Buyeo palace and told the king to discontinue operations of Buyeo's iron works which was constantly developing weapons that can  compete if not equal the Han's iron weapons.

Jumong became interested in making himself an ion sword and requested Mo Pal Mo to teach him how to make one.  One evening as he sneaked inside the iron chamber to make his sword as per the teachings provided by Mo Pal Mo, the fire furnace suddenly burst and exploded and engulf the iron chambers into blazing fire which almost killed Jumong.  it turned out to be the blast was sabotaged and deliberately caused by the Han soldiers that accompany the visiting governor of Hyeon-to city.  Prince Young-po have known about the plot before hand but prevented reporting it to prince Daeso thinking it will be another edge for his older brother if the latter will be the one to report to the king. Young-po decided to let it just pass.

In order for Jumong to strengthen his character and his outlook in life, King Geumwa have told Lady Yoo Hwa that he need to experience living outside the palace even though it might break her motherly love for Jumong.  Lady Yoo Hwa somehow agreed to the king's wishes and just take it as an opportunity from clashing near the king's other 2 sons.  During the times  that she misses him, she just caress over Jumong's clothes to ease her worries.

Jumong experienced life outside the comfort of the palace and became a vagabond.  Na-ru followed him around as per instructions from Prince Daeso.  

One day, he met a group of thugs hired by Na-ru and fought hard with them.  He got stabbed during the encounter and was helped by the group of Oh-Yi, Mari and Yeopbo who were street thugs earning their keeps bt scamming people on the street.  Jumong has also become one of their victim when they tricked and robbed him of the valuables given to him by Mu-deuk as something he can trade for money which he can use for his expenses outside the palace.

The group brought him to Bu-Young, the divination maid who was also their friend and knows how to treat wounds.  Bu-young recognized him and immediately treated his wound.

King Geumwa investigated the initiator of the rumors that was circulating in the palace.  The person told it was the Palace Emissary and brother of Queen Wonhu that instructed him to circulate the rumor.

Jumong bribed Mu-song  the prison guard of the cave prison in Mt. Soo-Mi by bringing him wine in exchange for teaching him to fight.  Mu-song was story telling rumors that are circulating in the palace and tell the stories to other prison guards guarding the cave prison with him.  The stories he told was overheard by the blind prisoner in one of the cells who became interested after hearing them.  He summoned for Mu-song and asked if its true that Lady Yoo Hwa became pregnant with the General's child.  Although unsure about the details due to the many versions circulating, he told the blind prisoner that its true according to the source of the story  That blind prisoner was said to be detained in that cave prison for decades now.

The team of merchants of Yeon ta Bal were discussing strategies on how to take action against those underground merchants like Do-Chi who were illegally smuggling salt into the market.  Although risky, So Seo No suggested that they take control over the market by striking Dol-chi and his men where the trade occurs.  Having full confidence with his daughter, Yeon ta Bal agreed and let her take  charge with caution.  Yeon ta Bal  agreed to go with the team to Buyeo and at the same time visit the high priestess when one of her maids brought news from  the palace that the king agreed for an arranged meeting.

King Geumwa was pleased to meet Yeon ta Bal who will eventually give him news and valuable information from far places their caravans have visited.  in exchange, he requested permission from the king for trade rights in Buyeo market.

While in the palace and as his father met with the king, So Seo No wandered around the palace area until she reached the training arena where Prince Daeso was practicing his fighting archery skills.  He almost hit So Seo No with his arrow and So Seo No positioned to fight him.  Prince Daeso, enchanted by her looks agreed to fight with her.  But a divination maid who was assigned to bring back So Seo No back to the divination palace where his father was talking with the high priestess, prevented them from continuing the fight and summon back So Seo No as she apologized to the prince.

Bu-young treated Jumong's wound as Young-po's men roam around searching for his whereabouts.  Jumong asked forgiveness from Bu-young on how she have suffered ever since she was kicked out of the divination palace because of his wrongdoing.  Oh-Yi, who has no idea who he is, asked Jumong to go away since many are following him and he was disrupting their business scamming and robbing people on the streets of their valuables.

Worried, Bu-young asked Jumong who were those men haunting him.Although ashamed for what he has done in the past, Jumong requested Bu-young if he can stay and help him find a job since he has nowhere to go. Bu-young who works with Do-chi introduced Jumong as Chu-Mong to hide his identity and urge him to give him work.  Jumong was taken by Do-chi as one of his men.

So Seo No and Wutae tracked Do-Chi's contraband and seized them wile being unloaded from a boat. A fight ignited between the men of the two merchants.  So Seo No encountered Jumong as one of Do-Chi's men during the struggle saving Do-chi who was pleased with Jumong. Do-chi instructed the group of Oh-Yi, Mari, Yeopbo along with Jumong to retaliate and attack Yeon Ta Bal's place.  But So Seo No awoke when they  entered her room causing a commotion.  They captured and took So Seo No to Do-chi's hideout as  they wait for Yeon Ta Bal's next move.

In Do-chi's hideout, Jumong realized that the woman they are holding in captive was actually his So Seo No who saved him from being engulf by the quicksand in the forest near the Founder's Mountain.  

Jumong Cast & Characters

Jumong  -  the founder of the kingdom of Korea's kingdom of Gugoryeo played by Korean TV actor, Song Il-gook.

Prince Daeso

King Geumwa - foster father

Hae Mo-su - father

Queen Wonhu -  King Geumwa's queen consort and mother to Prince Daeso and Prince Young-po

Lady Yoo Hwa - mother

Lady Yesoya - first wife

Lady Sul-lan - Prince Daeso's wife

Prince Young-po - Prince Daeso's brother, second  son of King Geumwa and Queen Wonhu

Oh-Yi - original friend, scout

Mu-Gol - scout

Mari - original friend, Minister of the Right

Yeopbo -  original friend,


Mo Pal Mo - Iron Chamber Master

Sa Yong

Wutae (Oo-tae)

Song Yang - chie of the Biryu tribe and grand chief of the united Jolbon tribes.

Jeong Yang



Gov. Yang-Jeong - formerly a prince of the Gai Ma nation which later became a trusted the general of the Han royal army and later on assigned as governor of Hayeon-to city.


Mu Deuk

Chief Yeon Ta Bal  -  So Seo No's father

Biryu  -  eldest son of So Seo No and Wutae

Onjo  -  youngest son of So Seo No and Wutae

Song-Ju -  King Geumwa's royal bodyguard


 Prime Minister Bu Deuk Bul - Buyeo court official

King Hae Bu-ru  -  King Geumwa's father and predecessor as king of Buyeo.

Yeo Mi Eul - Buyeo's high priestess

Gye-Pil -  one of Yeon Ta Bal's cavan manager andd father of Wutae.

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My Father is Strange Episode 27

Hyeyeong paid a visit and meet Jungwhan's parents at their house.Mrs. Oh was shocked to see her while Mr. Cha was delighted to have finally met her.  Even Chico, their pet dog was delighted to see Hyeyeong as the dog immediately approached her.  Hyeyeong in turn cuddles and caress the dog which Mr. Cha was happy to see that she too was a dog lover and tol them Chico has been mentioned several times to her by Jungwhan as the Park Bogum of the dog world.  Hyeyeong brought them gifts, golf clubs for Mr. Cha and a cake  baked in organic flour and butter from a French master patisserie that Ms. Oh like.  Hyeyeong expressed her appreciation for Ms. Oh's apology for  what she said to her 8 years ago.  She also took the opportunity to ask apology in return for the argument they had about the illegal  building extension which Ms. Oh considered a threat.

As part of their plan to persuade their parents in giving their consent for their marriage, Jungwhan will likewise visit Hyeyeong big family of 12 members.  She told him to brace himself for he might end completely drained with all their questioning. She suggested buying a bunch or box and never just a basket if he wants to bring them food.  Jungwhan kidded buying a whole animal instead of just meat.  True enough, Jungwhan struggled with boxes of goods climbing up the stairs of Hyeyeoung's house.  And so he asked permission from them to let him marry Hyeyeong. He also told them how he will make Hyeyeong happy and mention the agreement both he and Hyeyeong forged.

Hansu invited him to dinner to meet the rest of the family.  The family members grilled him in hot seat as they took turns asking questions to him.  As a result due to the combined stress, fatigue and nervousness, he suffered a cramp that made him almost kick Kim Mal-boon, the eldest member of the family and grandmother to the children.  Exhausted from the pressures brought up by the Byeon family, Jungwhan  was not able to go home that night and stayed in the Byeon's house.  He shared sleeping in Junghui's rooftop room.

Junghui's shoot for the day went well with some kind of distractions observing Miyeong's frequent glancing on her phone.  Jealous it  could be some admirer of Miyeong, he later found out it was Junyeong she was trying to pacify over the phone due to the tension he was experiencing due to the coming out results of the civil works exam.

Yeonshik and Bomi has been hired as service crew to the newly opened pizza shop at the ground floor of their house.  Minha visited them one day while working in the shop and got a pizza treat from his parents when he presented very good grades on his school report card.  After Minha left, the couple discussed their financial problem on how to get Minha a good school fitting for his excellent school performances.

Lunchtime at the office, Yuju's officemates tried to sneak out to eat sushi without her since raw fish is not good for pregnant women like her.

Rayeong and Cheolsu prepared for their first date together.  Rayeong thought Cheolsu might be wearing his usual training outfit so she looked over her closet for a matching sports wear.  But to her amazement, Cheol-su showed up wearing a formal wear for their date.  Cheol-su brought Rayeong to a fine dining restaurant after watching a concert.  Looking at the menu with expensive prices, Rayeong later urged Cheol-su to get out of the restaurant and brought him to a nearby park for some talks.  Cheol-su told Rayeong that he's constantly checking with his twin brother Yeonghui what to do.  he told her he was uneasy since its his first time to go on a date.  Rayeong couldn't help it but just understand her boyfriend even though she felt humiliated wearing a sports outfit to a formal date on a fine dining restaurant.  She urged her not to anymore waste money since they cannot afford expensive dates at that time with their meager income.

Miyeong dressed up to attend the retirement ceremony of her high school coach with Jin Seonjun.  reporters posted pictures of Miyeong with Jin Seonjun on tabloids making the family worried about Miyeong's safety and reputation.  Junheong was furious aboutthe article and the photo posted  without permission and the mean comments of Seonjun's fans.  Juinhui complained to his agency manager, Mr. Kang about taking off  the article to protect Miyeong.  Mr. Kang puzzled by Junghui's concern over Miyeong, he suspected Junghui have feelings for her.

Junghui met Miyeong at the building lobby alghting from Seongjun's car.  He commanded Miyeong to get in his car and left the building and go home.  On the way home, Miyeong tried to reason with Junghui telling he wont be affected by the report since its her and Seongjun.  But she later apologized for making him worry.

Junyeong was waiting for them so worried over Miyeong.  But Miyeong was delighted having two protective brothers.  Junhui fires on with Seongjun on why does an innocent person like Miyeong need to be hurt because of his failure to protect her from the reporters.  

After excruciating thoughts about her soon-to-be daughter in law, Ms. Oh finally consented and told
Jungwhan  about it.  Ecstatic by his mom's approval, Jungwhan immediately called over Hyeyeong to come over to their house.

Jungwhan's mother consent comes with a condition that they will not rent an apartment but instead lived in their house.  With both parties accorded their consent to the marriage, Jungwhan and Hyeyeong set up a dinner in a fine dining restaurant both their parents all dressed in formal attire.

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My Father is Strange Episode 26

Mrs. Oh, Jungwhan's mom refused to let Hyeyoung be her daughter in law and prefer someone who was rich and a socialite like herself.  She even refused to apologize and acknowledge that Jungwhan was home because of her effort to find him. She told Jungwhan that Hyeyoung need to apologize to her because she glared and threatened her about the illegal extension that obstructed thei right of way when Mrs. Oh made renovations of her cafe on the building where the Byeon's live.  She also found Hyeong indescent and of low morals since she agreed living-in with Jungwhan in his apartment.

But Jungwhan was firm on marrying Hyeyoung despite his mother's strong objection and threatened to leave their house again.  Jungwhan fetched Hyeyoung from her parent's house.  Th Byeong's also did a careful discussion about Hyeyeong getting married. The two continued discussing and finalizing their marriage internship aggreement.

Junghui advised Miyeong to wear sunscreen after treating her freckles by a dermatologist clinic Junghui has been frequenting.  She even paid for her treatment and bought maintenance medications so that her freckles will not reappear.  Doubting Junghui's extra attention to herMiyeong ask about it but Junghui reasoned its his way to give perks to his managers and that she was not just a manager to him but his little sister.

Rayeong, agreed to be Cheol-su's girlfriend andd lay terms on both their do's and dont's as part of their relationship.  But Rayeong decided not to tell her friends yet abour their relationship in order not to risk Cheol-su's real identity at work.

One day, Junghui and Hansu decided to play Catch as part of their father and son bonding.  But Junghui agreed to play it so he can satisfy some sort of revenge against his dad making him suffer trying to catch the ball he deliberately thrown far off the field.

junyeong tried working hard labor so hard so he can add up saving money to contribute to the family's rent and  now that he was a family man himself. When his mom ask his opinion about Hyeyeong living-in with Jungwhan, all he can say was that Hyeyeong was smart enough to handle what she has gone into.

Kim Yuju felt constrained over her work when her officemates tried to limit her work assignments to give way for her pregnancy. She voiced out her frustrations on her work to Junyeong everytime she goes home from the office. Miyeong have witnessed and knew what Yuju has been going through but cant do nothing about it.

Mrs. Oh witnessed Jungwhan's devotion to Hyeyeong when she saw them together in the car while Jungwhan drop his girlfriend home.  Again, Hyeyeong stood up on her decision to continue living-in with Jungwhan without a binding marriage contract. Since she believe that marriage is actually the union of two families and that she don't want to regret  it later.

Jungwhan still  tried to convince his mother but the latter remained stiff and against him marrying Hyeyeong.  Jungwhan sternly reminded his mom that with or without her blessing he will proceed marrying Hyeyeong.  He tried asking helpfrom his dad on how to convince his  mom  but his dad was resigned to the idea that he must try to figure out himself.

Junghui's experience of living with his family helped him a lot to act his roles in the drama series that earned to be more popular during its airing.  Even Miyeong was mesmerized with his acting skills.

But Jin Seonjun seems to like Miyeong a lot that the two exchanged calls and texts often.  Jealous, Junghui forewarned her that Seongjun was a known playboy.  He gets jealous even more when the director requested Miyeong to double the  role of the lead actress embracing Seonjun in the act.

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My Father is Strange Episode 34

Hyeyeong discovered the fake cast on her mother-in-law's arm when she reviewed the surveillance camera outside the gate of Jungwhan's parents house while she was investigating an issue of who accidentally dented her  mother-in-law's car.  The scenes captured how her mother-in-law pulled off the cast in her arm revealing her arm was okay and the cast a fake one.

They all watched in awe about Oh Byeok-nyeo's complete act.  Jungwhan's father felt so ashamed and almost melted in front of Hyeyeong.  Both father and son condemned the shameful act Oh Byeok-nyeo have committed as they order her to show remorse and apologize immediately.
The struggles being undergone by the newlywed couple Jungwhan and Hyeyeong led them to conclude that the one-year trial marriage they initially agreed might come sooner than they expect.

Hyeyeong found herself running up the stairs into their bedroom as  Jungwhan followed her.  Cha Kyoo-taek told his wife, he does not want to live with her anymore.  Their marriage of 38 years was  all a mess and demanded to immediately end it.  He pronounced that he's now a graduate of their union and go back to being strangers.

Upstairs, Jungwhan and Hyeyeong tried to sort things out. But Jungwhan begged forgiveness to Hyeyeong to appease her anger.

The following morning,  Jungwhan tried to pacify Hyeyeong's anger by cooking breakfast before she goes to work.  But it seems Hyeyeong was almost over the edge to end the marriage internship at that point.

Oh Byeok-nyeo rise up early to catch her daughter in-law before she goes to work.  But, Hyeyeong who have already started her morning with an unpleasant argument with her husband did not try to even greet her mother-in-law as she hurried herself going to work.

Oh Byeok-nyeo despite her faking act was far from apologizing about it and instead demand Hyeyeong to apologize instead since she claimed Hyeyeong have humiliated her in front of her husband and son.

Trying to maintain her composure and restrain herself, Hyeyeong sighed as she uttered 'inner peace' silently and turned around from her mother-in-law and walked away headed for her  work.

Junghui visited his mother in her hotel room.  Embraced her and talk about how things are.  It seems her visit back from the U.S. was about the  circulating rumor about meeting and living with his dad.  She demanded Junghui to let her meet his dad and ask the motive of his dad seeing him, meeting and living with his family.  Junghui defended his dad and his family and assure her mom that he will ask his dad about meeting her.

My Father is Strange Episode 33

Mr. Kang found out that Junghui moved in his dad's house and left his apartment three months ago.  As Juughui's manager, Miyeong also got scolded about the revelation.

Junghui tried to reason out for her but to no avail.  As a consequence, Mr. Kang ruled out that he will assign a new manager to handle Junghui and Miyeong got suspended and required to submit a written report.  She will also go back to the office and await further instructions.

Junghui requested Miyeong to tell the family not to worry including herself as they parted ways.  Jungwhan and Hyeyeong also heard the news about Junghui and Hyeyeong decided to pay visit to the family.

Hyeyeong encountered reporter Kim Gunsu of Mogirazzi peeping outside her dad's snack shop that was temporarily closed in order to avoid reporters.  She warned him about filing cases for breaching their privacy.  Miyeong told her mom and dad not to worry as per Junghui's request and Hyeyeong told them her encounter with the reporter peeping outside the snack shop  and pacify them that the rumors will surely die naturally and no need to be alarmed and just be firmed to say no to them.

Meanwhile in the Cha residence, Oh Byeok-nyeo now wears the 'fake' cast in her arm as her husband tried to bring up to read the book he gave to her about marriage graduation.  But the latter seemed not interested and said to have forgotten and lost the book already. He also reiterated his wife to hand him his allowance.  As they argue about it, Jungwhan arrived and plead to his mother to give dad his allowance which made him instead transfer the amount himself to his dad's account.

Jungwhan  begged his mom to take off her fake cast before she gets humiliated with it once discovered.  But the woman requested on extending her axt a few more days.

The rumors continued to plagued Junghui as reporters camp out of his apartment.  Worried, Hansu tried and discussed the idea of going to Junghui's apartment to check on him with the family.  But Miyeong volunteered instead bringing medicine her dad told her to bring.  However, Junghui told Miyeong to go home instead and that he's fine.

Junghui focused his attention to the box given and ordere by Dr. Hyeonji to fill with the name of the people that he frequently thought about.  The box was now almost filled with folded paper with the word 'Judo' written on them.

One day, his dad sowed up in his apartment, cook breakfast as he let him sleep some more.  They eat breakfast together.  Junghui was delighted about his dad's concern and thank him for that.

Jungwhan and Hyeyeong tried to live like normal newly wed couples despite the constant nagging attention of Jungwhan's mom.

After passing the civil works exam, Junyeong was able to  land a job in a government office and Kim Yuju tried to please her husband by taking time to rest and nurture the baby inside her.

But Kim Juyu's supposedly peaceful days was interrupted when an unwanted visitor tried to harass her.  Her mom tried to nag her for some money as support.  Unknown to KimYuju, the conversation with her mother was witnessed and heard by Miyeong who was sitting near their table.

After that incident with Cheol-su's father, Rayeong tried to do her normal routine spending time with her friends.  One day, she saw Cheol-su approach her in a restaurant but tried avoiding him.  She told Cheol-su the reason why she feels a bit indifferent knowing their social status being the son of a rich entrepreneur.

After the fiasco brought about by the rumors concerning Junhui, Kim Mal-boon whoinitially disdain to like Junghui became so concerned and seemed to pity the actor and his longing for his father.

Hyeyeong go shopping spree with her mother in law who tried to lure her shop in extravagance.  She even introduced Hyeyeong whenever she meet someone she knows and brag that her daughter-in-law was ssome hotshot lawyer. And this delighted and amused  Hyeyeong as she giggles on the sides. She tells the experience to Jungwhan and they both laugh it out.

On the last day of the supposedly agreed day with Jungwhan to take off her fake cast, Oh Byeok-nyeo ordered bulk order of vegetables to be pickled.  Cha Kyoo-taek helped Hyeyeong peeled off huge number of onions for pickling as Oh Byeok-nyeo watched in delight being excused herself from the chore due to her casted arm.  Both wearing goggles to protect their eyes from the teary essence of the bulbs, they look like they were in an underwater scene peeling off onion skins.

To surprise her son, An Sujin arrived at the airport from the U.S.

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My Father is Strange Episode 32

An Junghui visited Dr. Hyeonji, his ex-girlfriend who was also a psychiatrist and request her to examine the struggles he was currently experiencing about his long lost father.  She assures him that he was neither crazy nor perverted and that his reactions can happen to anybody.  She assessed it was most likely a feeling of confusion for someone during the process of knowing and belonging to a family.

She requested that he frequented and spend more time with his father in order to establish a sound relationship and to better define his concept of a family and be free from the confusion he now suffers.  In order to help Junghui further about his struggles, Dr. Hyeonji assigned Junghui to find out a few specific information about his father and discuss it with her on their next session.

Junghui goes home late and find his dad and his wife Yongshil was still inside the snack shop cleaning up before closing for the day.  He requested his dad to cook ramen noodles to eat. His dad delightfully prepared the meal for Junghui.  Yongshil and Junghui ate and shared the noodles Hansu cooked.  The three talked about the pilot episode of Junghui's newest drama series as they enjoy eating the ramen noodles.

While eating, Junghui took the opportunity to request his dad if he wants to accompany him in the bath house.  Hansu who was initially reluctant since the public might recognize him in the bath house  delightfully agreed to come with him early the following morning.  And they hurried to finish eating the ramen so that they can rest for the day.

The following morning, Junyeong accompanied them going to the bath house.  The three enjoyed the father and sons bonding at the bath house.   Junghui enjoyed so much and was excited throughout.

During their bath, Junghui was able to talk it out with Junyeong and how it help him portrayed his role as Seungwu in the tv series.  Junghui's told Junyeong that his role as Seungwu was similar to how he was the son who struggles after finding out recently he has a half-brother.

After the bath, they ate hot noodles at a nearby noodle house.  Junghui again had the opportunity to ask his dad some information about him such as details of his stay in the US and what was his dad do when he was of the same age as him.  Hansu tried to evade much of Junghui's inquiries since he was really unsure on how to address him without Junghui doubting about his real identity.

Back at the Cha residence, Cha Kyoo-taek tried to examine for the first time the newly installed 'half-door ' of Jungwhan and Hyeyeong's room in the second floor of their house.  He admired how clever beyond imagination  Hyeyeong's  idea putting such a door like that and mocked his wife Oh Byeok-nyeo who suffered in pain due to the recent accident f falling from the stairs of the second floor trying to peep inside the newlywed's bedroom.

The newlywed couple tried to console Oh Byeok-nyeo who now sit on the sofa living room getting through the pain from the fall.  Cha Kyoo-taek accompanied and drive his wife to a specialty clinic to look intoOh Byeok-nyeo's injured arm which he suspect as just pulled ligament pain and not that serious.  But his wife feels otherwise who alighted from his car and entered the clinic by herself since he refused to accompany him inside and reasoned he was in a hurry to move out the car since another car was behind them.

It turned out that  Cha Kyoo-taek was right and that some ligaments were just sprained.  But, Oh Byeok-nyeo tried to use it as excuse to have her arm in plaster cast to torment Hyeyeong more.  She immediately called Jungwhan over the phone to tell the news about her casted arm and make him panic.  Jungwhan  later called Hyeyeong about the news of his mother's casted arm.  Reluctant to believe about the news, Hyeyeong can only sigh in disbelief.

Oh Byeok-nyeo also managed to send Hyeyeong a snapshot of her plaster casted arm. Hyeyeong tried to text back politely her concerns.  But it seems Oh Byeok-nyeo found a reason to deliberately demand and exploit Hyeyeong asking her to buy some eels for dinner with different condiment flavors. Hyeyeong, texted the news to her mother and inform her she cannot come home to them for the time being.  Oh Byeok-nyeo continued to request absurd demands especially to Hyeyeong to continue her act and further torment her daughter-in-law.

The newly wed couple tried to put the incident on the backs of their mind as they tried not to be affected so much about the unfortunate thing that happened to Oh Byeok-nyeo despite her continued absurd requests.

Kim Yuju arrived home tired due to work overload in the office.  Junyeong can't help but to just look on his wife's tired body lay exhausted on their bed.  He tried to remind Yuju his worries about the condition of their baby in her womb as he urged her to take the needed care and rest to properly nurture the fetus inside her. But Yuju took Junyeong's words as something urging her to resign from work and felt that everyone is treating her as someone who was terminally ill and asking her to quit her job including Miyeong who tried to talk about it to her.

Miyeong waited patiently for Junghui to get to the van so that they can leave and rushed unto the day's shoot location.  Junghui came down from the  house and go straight to the waiting van with Miyeong opening the door for him.

As Junghui jumped into the van, he found the lucky charm pair of red socks which Miyeong snuck in his seat.  Soon as Junghui settled inside the van, Miyeong drove as they talk about the tv ratings on the pilot airing of the drama series where Junghui was casted.

The entire  Byeon family happily watched together An Junghui's acting in the drama series on tv and praised him for his outstanding performance.

 The couple Yongshik and Bomi tried to talk with each other about their worry and argued on how their son Minha can study to a science high school despite their financial condition.  Minha overheard their argument and confided with his grandmother who took her to the neighborhood park to think and help find ways to help the couple.  But Minha told his grandmother that even though they lack money he was blessed to have such wonderful parents and very understanding granny like Kim Mal-boon.  The two happily complimented each other and go home.

One day, coach Chul-su's twin brother, Yeounghui met Rayeong after her class and request her to talk to their father.  He brought Rayeong to Good Base corporate office where she discovered he was actually a director of the GB Corporation owned by the Parks.  

At the sports center, Cheol-su looked and waited for Rayeong but her friends told her that she was picked up by Yeounghui  moments ago.  Thinking it was his father's idea, Cheol-su rushed to the office of his father and found Rayeong being offered by his father with money just to get him back home.

Cheol-su immediately snatched Rayeong out of his father's office and go to a nearby park where he asked sorry for what his father did to her as he receals his true identity.  Rayeong understood her boyfriend's emotion and told her not to worry a thing about what took place.

As the days go by and as Junghui continue shooting for the drama series, his mind was somehow torn about his growing feelings with Miyeong that he tried so hard to fight off thinking it can affect his relationship with the family  and his career.

Jumong Episode 7

The new governor of Hyeon-to city, Jeong Yang visited King Geumwa in the Buyeo palace and told the king to discontinue operations of Buyeo&#...